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  • Night of Illusions in Kotur
    пон., 14 септ.
    14 септ. 2020 г., во 19:00
    Kotur, Nikola Vapcarov nb.7, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia
    Screening of the virtual theatre production "Illusions" in Kotur - coffee and film venue
  • Grozovilata in the Strange Forest
    пет., 04 септ.
    Youth Cultural Center
    04 септ. 2020 г., во 19:30
    Youth Cultural Center, Kеј Димитар Влахов бр. 15, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia
    Theatrical reading of the book "Grozovilata in the Strange Forest" by Jana Bauer
  • Illusions
    чет., 11 јун.
    11 јун. 2020 г., во 20:00
    Using the theatre approach in the virtual space, we made theatre performance that is addressing the questions of love, infidelity, alienation, the emptiness, and the transience of life. Questions that, in extreme circumstances like these that we are living in now, are undoubtedly present in our mind
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