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Behind the Scenes

Wonderland Theatre is an independent theatre company based in Skopje, established in 2010 by the directors Nela Vitoshevikj and Vasil Hristov. It’s first premiere “Boat for dolls” was critically acclaimed and had great success with the audience. Our company’s’ main goals are, inspiring change, continuously moving the standards to the next level and bringing freshness to the independent art scene. We've been making productions everywhere, ranging from the classical box set, alternative venues to virtual space. Yet, never-ending possibilities of exploring and rethinking theatre are the wonderland in front of us waiting to be revealed.

Wonderland Theatre is a theatre company that is committed to build an inclusive working community, varied workplace to people of all backgrounds. Much of our energy is dedicated to create a team that will balance the genders, age, ethnicity, disabilities and sexual orientation. Furthermore, our shows are regularly addressing the issues concerning the marginalized groups in our passionate effort to tackle the typical stereotypes of the society.

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