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Vasil Hristov / 11.10.1965 Film and theater director, screenwriter, editor and set designer. Maurits Binger Film Institute University of Amsterdam - postgraduate and master studies. Academy of Arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, r, Serbia - graduated director. Theatrical performances: Macedonian National Theater: Birthday by Harold Pinter, Mara Sad by Pierre Weiss, Timed Opera after dramatization by Vasil Hristov, Days of our life by Leonid Andreev, Look at the Anger by John Osborne. Turkish Theater: Awakening of Spring by Vedekin, Tattooed Souls by Mr. Stefanovski, Three sisters from A.P. Chekhov. Drama Theater: King Iby after dramatization by Vasil Hristov Wonderland Theater: A Class Enemy by Williams, The Girl and Death by A. Dorfman Movies: Hey! - Feature Film, - Screenplay, Direction and Editing / Evening Act - Screenplay for Feature Film - Screenplay for Feature Film, / Idiots, Short Film - Screenplay and Direction / Letter, 38 min., Short Film - Screenplay, Direction, Judge, 15 min., Short Film - Screenplay, Direction, Editing / Wild Horses - Feature Film Screenplay - Screenplay, / Buzz - Feature Film Screenplay - Feature Film Screenplay of Francis Ford Coppola. / Srebrenica Genocide - The Krstic Case, Documentary - Directed, Edited, International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, The Hague / Mirush, Norwegian Feature Film, Unit Production Manager / Illusion, Feature Film - Line Production

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